Techna Institute Symposium 2016
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Techna Institute Symposium 2016
On November 4, 2016 the Techna Institute will host a Symposium titled Techna 2016: Getting to Zero – Engineering Safety into Healthcare Technology and Practice
Our progress in reducing preventable harm in healthcare has been stubbornly limited in almost twenty years of trying. Rates of preventable adverse events have not changed significantly since we began tracking these outcomes. Clearly, there are opportunities to improve and consider other approaches in pursuing the improved safety of our patients. At this year’s Techna Symposium, we look to novel, advanced methods that study and learn from the presence of safety in our system, rather than simply investigating incidents that are instances of the absence of safety. We can learn that tactics to ensure safety can be achieved in plain sight, within our own organizations, even with often necessary deviations in practice. We look to how industries have engineered safety into the workplace and their products. We will hear from the frontlines of delivery, as to how bias can affect decision-making more often than perceived. And we will revisit our assumptions about mitigations we thought were great advances in safety thinking, that new research shows that we now should temper our expectations. Throughout the day we will hear from patients and their families, on how preventable harm has affected their lives, and how their stories will refocus our efforts moving forward. For more information and registration please visit our website or contact Catherine Williams at
2016-08-22 10:44
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